Saturday, July 15, 2017

no black fight

No Black Fight

no johnson

no Ali

no Lewis
no Sugar Ray

No Black fight
no fists no backbone
no elbow grease
no stamina
no long distance runner
no champion in the ring
no nationalist
no fearless men
no fearless women
no ancestor consciousness
no cry for justice
no liberty or death
no justice no peace
no death do us part
no nothing
no housing
no job
no medical
no music
only smooth
only fusion
no community
only multicultural
diluted polluted
are you surprised
no Fillmore
no Harlem
no DC
no Philly
no ATL
where shall you dwell
in hell
the empire falls
no news to you
the Republic falls
where shall you be
what part shall you grab
shall you stand
with dick in hand
heart racing
Whites take theirs
Latinos too
Asians too
Gays/lesbians too
what will you do
stuck on stupid
walking like ducks
reverse evolution
moon walking like Michael
remember the time
look at the man in the mirror
no look
no memory
smoke yo blunt
life up in smoke
we did the same
Daddy it's too much smoke in yo house!
No love for woman
no nothing
no God
no devil
lone stranger
rides into sunset
no Tonto
no tomorrow
no yesterday
no now.
Women cry,
I hate weak nigguhs!
Men cry, I hate punk bitches!
no unity
no dialogue
no consensus
no plan
no game
no respect
no win.
--Marvin X

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