Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Aron Ranen's Black Hair Documentary Part Three

Dis Ma Hair

i don’t have my own hair
i don’t know why
but it ain’t my own
what is natural to me
dis ma hair
i can do what i please
boy friend/girl friend
dis ma hair
i do this fa me not fa you
don’t give a fuck bout you
dis ma hair
I can weave it
Glue it
Lock it
Stock it
Conk it
Gerri curl it
Marcel it
Dis ma hair
Leave me lone
Dis ma hair
Blond wig cocked ace-duce
Dis ma hair
You can suck me fuck me
wine me dine me
But dis ma hair
Call me Korean
Ghetto fab
Call me from the dead
But dis ma hair.
--Marvin X
Revised 2008

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