Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dis Ma Hair? Aron Ranen's Black Hair Documentary Part One

Dis Ma Hair
i don’t have my own hair
i don’t know why
but it ain’t my own
what is natural to me
dis ma hair
i can do what i please
boy friend/girl friend
dis ma hair
i do this fa me not fa you
don’t give a fuck bout you
dis ma hair
I can weave it
Glue it
Lock it
Stock it
Conk it
Gerri curl it
Marcel it
Dis ma hair
Leave me lone
Dis ma hair
Blond wig cocked ace-duce
Dis ma hair
You can suck me fuck me
But dis ma hair
Call me Korean
Ghetto fab
Call me from the dead
But dis ma hair.
--Marvin X
Revised 2008

from Sweet Tea, Dirty Rice Poems, Black Bird Press, 2014

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