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Black Arts Timeline, revised by Marvin X

We revised this timeline, especially for West Coast inclusion. How can we discuss the BAM timeline without mentioning SoulBook, Black Dialogue, Journal of Black Poetry and Black Scholar magazines? Further, BAM included West Coast personalities as well as east coast, south and midwest persons. Some persons were bicoastal. Some entries in this timeline are indeed a part of Black literature but not in the spirit of BAM or the Black Arts Movement, thus this timeline can be very misleading and revisionist.--Marvin X

A Black Arts Timeline, 1962 - 1976

1962: Marvin X, Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Ernie Allen meet as students
at Oakland's Merritt College. Soulbook Magazine appears. Donald Warden's Afro-American Association is vital in the Black consciousness movement in
the Bay. Ron Karenga was a member of the AAA and the Los Angeles rep.

Marvin X attends San Francisco State College. Negro Student Association becomes Black Student Union. Marvin X's first play Flowers for the Trashman produced by the drama department. Black Dialogue magazine produced by SFSU students; Journal of Black Poetry published by Joe Goncalves.
Malcolm X is assassinated in Harlem on Feb. 21. Poet, essayist Larry Neal witnesses the murder.
The Black Arts Repertory Theatre/School opens in Harlem in April.
Broadside Press is created by Dudley Randall in Detroit, Michigan.
"A Poem For Black Hearts" (tribute poem for Malcolm X) by Amiri Baraka published in Negro Digest.
"Black Art" (audio) by Amiri Baraka is released on Sonny Murray's album Sonny's Time Now.

Marvin X and Ed Bullins establish Black Arts West Theatre in the Fillmore District of SF.A fourth published version of Robert Hayden’s “Middle Passage” appears in his Selected Poems.
"Black Art" by Amiri Baraka is published in the January issue of Liberator.
The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense is founded.
John Oliver Killens organizes a black writers conference at Fisk University in Nashville in April.
Jubilee by Margaret Walker published.
Black Writers Conference takes place at Fisk University.
Black Arts Convention takes place in Detroit.
Founding of the Black Panther Party in Oakland CA.
Staff of Black Dialogue Magazine visits Black Culture Club at Soledad Prison. This club is the beginning of
the American prison movement. Club was chaired by Eldridge Cleaver and Alprentis Bunchy Carter.

Marvin X and Eldridge Cleaver establish The Black House, a political/cultural center in San Francisco.John Coltrane dies July 17, and quickly becomes a frequent subject of tribute for black poets.
Third World Press is created by Haki Madhubuti in Chicago, Illinois.
For Malcolm: Poems on the Life and Death of Malcolm X edited by Dudley Randall & Margaret Burroughs pub.
Organization of Black American Culture (OBAC) paints Wall of Respect mural in Chicago
Second Black Writers Conference takes place at Fisk University.
Second Black Arts Convention takes place in Detroit.
Negro Digest runs special issue on poetry (dedicated to the memory of Langston Hughes) in September.

Martin Luther King assassinated, April 4.
Poet Henry Dumas is killed May 23, New York City Transit Authority police officer.
“The Black Arts Movement” (essay) by Larry Neal is published in special issue of The Drama Review.
Black Fire: An Anthology of Afro-American Writing edited by Baraka and Neal published.
Dark Symphony edited by James A. Emanuel and Theodore Gross published.
Black Writers Conference takes place at Fisk University
Negro Digest publishes survey results focusing on black writers and the topic “a black aesthetic.”
Negro Digest runs special issue on poetry in September.
Marvin X leaves exile in Toronto, Canada, goes underground to Chicago, connects with Chicago Black Arts Movement. After assassination of Dr. MLK, arrives in Harlem, works at the New Lafayette Theatre as associate editor of Black Theatre Magazine; also, connects with Ed Bullins, Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Sun Ra, Larry Neal, Askia Toure, Last Poets, Nikki Giovanni. Publishes Fly to Allah, seminal work of Muslim American literature.
Dr. Nathan Hare publishes Black Scholar Magazine.
Nikki Giovanni has a book party promoting Black Judgement; receives coverage in the Times.
Carolyn Rodgers's essay “Black Poetry--Where It's At” appears in Negro Digest in September.
Pissstained Stairs and the Monkey Man's Wares by Jayne Cortez
Ebony mag., special “The Black Revolution” issue, includes profile on Baraka and poetry essay by L. Neal.
Negro Digest runs special issue on poetry in September.
Marvin X banned from teaching at Fresno State College; Angela Davis banned from teaching at UCLA; Eldridge
Cleaver banned from UC Berkeley; Dr. Nathan Hare banned from San Francisco State college as first Chair of a Black Studies program in the US. BSU organizes longest student strike in US history at SFSU.
Prophets for a New Day by Margaret Walker published.
We a Baddddd People by Sonia Sanchez published.
Cables to Rage by Audre Lorde published.
I am a Black Woman by Mari Evans published.
3000 Years of Black Poetry edited by Alan Lomax and Raoul Abdul published.
Soulscript edited by June Jordan published.
Black Out Loud: An Anthology of Modern Poems by Americans edited by Arnold Adoff published.
The Black Woman edited by Toni Cade Bambara published.
The Third Life of Grange Copeland by Alice Walker published.
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou published.
The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison published.
Negro Digest becomes Black World magazine in May.
Black World runs special issue on poetry in September.

Festivals and Funerals by Jayne Cortez published.
Nikki Giovanni records Truth Is On Its Way with the New York Community Choir.
Jump Bad: A New Chicago Anthology edited by Gwendolyn Brooks published.
To Gwen With Love: An Anthology Dedicated to Gwendolyn Brooks edited by Patricia Brown published.
The Black Poets: A New Anthology edited by Dudley Randall published.
Black Literature in America edited by Houston Baker published.
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman by Ernest Gaines published.
Black World runs special issue on poetry in September.


Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed published.
Black Spirits: A Festival of New Black Poets in America edited by Woodie King published.
Early Black American Poets edited by William H. Robinson published.
Black Writers of America: A Comprehensive Anthology edited by Richard Barksdale and Keneth Kinnamon pub.
New Black Voices: An Anthology of Afro-American Literature edited by Abraham Chapman published.
Black World runs special issue on poetry in September.
Marvin X and Sun Ra produce Marvin X's musical Take Care of Business at San Francisco's Harding Theatre, a five hour production without intermission, with a cast of fifty dancers, actors and musicians. 
Understanding the New Black Poetry edited by Stephen Henderson, published.
Sula by Toni Morrison published.
The Poetry of Black America: An Anthology of the 20th Century edited by Arnold Adoff published.
Black World runs special issue on poetry in September.
Margaret Walker organizes the Phillis Wheatley Poetry Festival at Jackson State University.

Celebrations & Solitudes (recording) by Jayne Cortez (with bassist Richard Davis)
The Black Book edited by Middleton Harris published.
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman is broadcast on CBS.
Keeping the Faith: Writings by Contemporary Black American Women edited by Pat Crutchfield Exum pub.
My Black Me: A Beginning Book of Poetry edited by Arnold Adoff published.
Black World runs special issue on poetry in September.
Poetic Equation: Conversations Between Nikki Giovanni and Margaret Walker is published.

Corregidora by Gayl Jones is published.
Giant Talk: An Anthology of Third World Writing edited by Quincy Troupe published.
The Forerunners: Black Poets in America edited by Woodie King published.
Black World runs special issue on poetry in September.

Black World magazine, a major venue for the publication of black poetry, ceases publication.
Eugene B. Redmond publishes Drumvoices: The Mission of Afro-American Poetry, A Critical Study.
Robert Hayden appointed Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress.
Roots by Alex Haley published.
Flight to Canada by Ishmael Reed published.
Eva’s Man by Gayl Jones published.
Patternmaster by Octavia Butler published.

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