Sunday, October 20, 2013

Black Bird Press News & Review: Marvin X Now available for speaking and reading nationwide

Black Bird Press News & Review: Marvin X Now available for speaking and reading nationwide

Writer Ishmael Reeds says, "If you want to learn about motivation and inspiration, don't spend all that money going to workshops and seminars, just go stand at 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland, and watch Marvin X at work. He's Plato teaching on the streets of Oakland."

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  1. Marvin X,
    Peace bro. I had a chance to read your play on Huey. “Yooo that was ill”. You really captured more of what Huey was about in your small play than all of those who wrote about him before you wrote your play on Huey. Your play was also seem to be about how important Huey’s legacy was and had been when he was doing it rather than his death being senseless on the part of a neighborhood drug thug who shot and killed Huey.
    The people who knew about Huey wanted to believe that his death and how he died was more important than what he had done for black people and the hip hop culture. The play you wrote brother Marvin X, demonstrated Huey's non-egotistical character. He represented the moment.
    It's like Huey was saying “I been there I 've accomplished my mission now leave me alone nigga. I gave yall the plan. Run with it and make a difference. I want to smoke and get high now ”.
    After I reading your play that’s what was conveyed to me.
    I loved that play. I wish I could have seen it. I would love to be informed on your latest events. I'm from Philly so of course I would have to plan ahead. But whenever you’re somewhere selling your book keep me informed.

    By the way my name is Hakim Woods aka Haak blast. I’m in to hip hop and I write. You have to tell me how you keep pressing up your books. I put out books but I would love to grab a press and do them myself.
    Give me a reply