Monday, October 28, 2013

Producer Kim McMillon calls for BAM papers for the Journal of Pan African Studies

Hello everyone,

Marvin X asked Itibari M. Zulu, the senior editor of The Journal of Pan African Studies, if we might promote our conference in the Journal of Pan African Studies as well as if I might act as a guest editor with Marvin.  I spoke with Zulu last night, and we came to an agreement.  The words, and thoughts of you all, our conference speakers, will comprise this special issue.  Zulu stated that there is no word count at this point since they are online.  We need to hand in all submissions by December 1, 2013.  The reason for the December 1st deadline is we have to have enough time to read, edit, and post.  The primary theme of this issue is approaching the 50th year mark of the Black Arts Movement.  What would we have done differently?  What needs to be said that has not been said?  What difference did the Movement  make?  These are just questions that I would ask.  They may not be the same for everyone.  If your answers come out in a poem or prose, it does not matter because they are your answers.  I would also like to do a roundtable discussion where we put a few questions out about the movement, and dialogue.  You all are the iconic figures that made a difference.  It is an honor just to hear your voices.

So, if everyone can send me a line or two about what they would like to do within the next week that would be excellent.  It will help promote the Conference as well as create an incredible conversation on the Movement.  Zulu is also including our call for papers in the next issue, and will promote on his site.

If there are any other journals that you think might be willing to carry our call for papers, please let me know, and I can send.

Also, we are putting together a promotional committee that will meet every Wednesday.  If anyone has any ideas to help promote the festival, please let me know.  Dr. Hare and Marvin X have truly written the book on how to get the word out, and I attend to be an apt pupil.

Thank you all.

P.S. If there are any articles on the Black Arts Movement that you have already written, and have the copyright so that we could reprint, please let me know.  I want to look at the possibility of republishing articles if it is a good fit for the issue.  

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