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Saudi Arabia spurns US and UN, turns to Russia

Saudi Arabia threatens Russia with Olympic Terror

Prince Bandar, head of Saudi intelligence, met with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow three weeks ago and in this meeting, he uttered a number of incentives and threats to persuade Russia to drop its support for Assad and Syria.
He offered an alliance with OPEC as an incentive to Putin and he also made the offer of a joint monopoly over the global oil and gas business. Prince Bandar has also used a threat and said that otherwise terrorist attacks will happen during the Olympic Games in Sochi next February.
As a reminder, Prince Bandar was the long-time Saudi Arabian Ambassador in Washington, and he is also known under the name “Bandar Bush” because he is a very close friend of the satanic Bush-family.

He is also one of the main masterminds behind the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 because 16 of the 19 alleged hijackers were Saudi nationals – as scapegoats of an operation that was carried out by the intelligence services of the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia. These three terrorist states represent the only real “axis of evil” in the world.
Prince Bandar came incognito and without an official protocol for his secret mission in Moscow in the beginning of August. First, a preliminary meeting was held at the headquarters of the Russian military intelligence service with Chief General Igor Sergon. Afterwards, Bandar visited the private home of Putin on the outskirts of Moscow, where they had their conversation behind closed doors. On the basis of leaked documents, it is now known what was discussed.
Prince Bandar told Putin:
“Let`s put together a unified Russian-Saudi oil strategy. The target is an agreement about the price of the oil and the quantity of production, which keeps the price stable on the global market.”
“We understand Russia’s great interest in the oil and gas in the Mediterranean from Israel and Cyprus. We also understand the importance of Russian gas pipelines to Europe. We have no interest to compete with it. We can cooperate in this area.”
That is what Bandar said, and he also expressed that all what he said has been arranged by Washington, and the U.S. administration would be fully behind it.
In the conversation it was about the offer of an alliance between the OPEC cartels and Russia, which together produce about 40 million barrels of oil per day, 45 percent of global output. Such a connection would completely change the strategic landscape of the world.
Prince Bandar and George W. Bush have met one day after 9/11.
Prince Bandar also promised that Russia could retain its naval base in Syria, after the fall of President Assad. As a threat, he hinted at terrorists from Chechnya, who could otherwise attack the Winter Games in Sochi, in case if there will be no agreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia.
Prince Bandar said:
“I give you the guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. Chechen groups, which threaten the security of the games, are controlled by us, and they do nothing without consulting us.”
The Saudi intelligence chief boasted that the Chechens, who rage in Syria, are a pressure medium, which can be deactivated or activated – just as he needs it. Bandar said further: “These groups do not scare us. We use them against the Syrian regime, but they will play no role in the political future of Syria.”
The conversation between Putin and Bandar was very heated, filled with warnings about a “dramatic change” in Syria. Putin, however, was unmoved by the Saudi offer and the threat – he was not dissuaded from his existing opinion.
Putin responded by saying:
“We know that you support the Chechen terrorist for decades. And the support, of which you just spoke openly, is completely incompatible with the common goal of fighting global terrorism. We are interested to develop friendly relations after clear and strong principles.”
“Our point in terms of Assad will never change. We believe the Syrian government is the best representative of the Syrian people and not these liver-eaters.”
That is what Putin said, and he referred to the horrific photographs that show the moment when the terrorists (in Syria) tear out and eat the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier.
Prince Bandar warned Putin of the consequences, because “there is no alternative to a military option,” in case Russia rejects the offer. Since then, the Western pressure on the Kremlin leader has increased and we see now, that the threat meanwhile comes true; a Western military strike against Syria is imminent.
It`s clear for me – when Prince Bandar blatantly threatens Russia with terrorism during the Olympics, the foreign terrorist groups in Syria are totally under his control, then the hired mercenaries of the Saudi intelligence, of Mossad and the CIA have certainly also carried out the poison gas attack last week in Damascus.
Bandar is only able to use such an audacity in his talks with Putin because he has America behind his back. This shows again, what dirty power games and threats are running behind the scenes, and how criminal the West really is.
Who is capable to stage 9/11, to put the blame for the attack on Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda and even can deceive the whole world about it, is also capable to fabricate the poison gas attack against Syrian civilians without scruple, to put the blame for this on the Syrian Arab Army and Assad and to then sell this propaganda lie to the world.
They have justified the war against Afghanistan and Iraq with lies, also against Libya, and now they are lying in order to be able to attack Syria. The next target is then Ian, and so on. They let all believe that they would care about peace and human rights, but thereby, they only want war and they do not care about the fate of the affected people. Their moral outrage now is only hypocrisy and play-acting, because they kill each day hundreds of civilians with their faked “war on terror”.
It is the work of Satanists from which the leadership of the “axis of evil” consists. So much contempt for mankind, lies, deceit, murder and malevolence that a normal person is not even able to imagine it. But who watches all the happenings in the world with eyes wide open comes to the result that we are ruled by an evil brood of psychopaths, who serve Satan.
How else can we explain all the wars of aggression, mass murder, and the complete destruction of entire countries, the total exploitation, enslavement and impoverishment?
As John Lennon said:
“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”
And I say:
“They go into war for peace, they make love with hate, they kill to save lives, and they do not feel safe and therefore surround themselves with danger. How can you create life based only on the death?”

Saudis offer Russia secret oil deal if it drops Syria

Saudi Arabia has secretly offered Russia a sweeping deal to control the global oil market and safeguard Russia’s gas contracts, if the Kremlin backs away from the Assad regime in Syria.

Khaled al Otaiby, an official of the Saudi oil company Aramco watches progress at a rig at the al-Howta oil field near Howta, Saudi Arabia
OPEC raised production by 400,000 barrels per day to 29.7m Photo: AP
The revelations come amid high tension in the Middle East, with US, British, and French warship poised for missile strikes in Syria. Iran has threatened to retaliate.
The strategic jitters pushed Brent crude prices to a five-month high of $112 a barrel. “We are only one incident away from a serious oil spike. The market is a lot tighter than people think,” said Chris Skrebowski, editor of Petroleum Review.
Leaked transcripts of a closed-door meeting between Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan shed an extraordinary light on the hard-nosed Realpolitik of the two sides.
Prince Bandar, head of Saudi intelligence, allegedly confronted the Kremlin with a mix of inducements and threats in a bid to break the deadlock over Syria. “Let us examine how to put together a unified Russian-Saudi strategy on the subject of oil. The aim is to agree on the price of oil and production quantities that keep the price stable in global oil markets,” he said at the four-hour meeting with Mr Putin. They met at Mr Putin’s dacha outside Moscow three weeks ago.
“We understand Russia’s great interest in the oil and gas in the Mediterranean from Israel to Cyprus. And we understand the importance of the Russian gas pipeline to Europe. We are not interested in competing with that. We can cooperate in this area,” he said, purporting to speak with the full backing of the US.
The talks appear to offer an alliance between the OPEC cartel and Russia, which together produce over 40m barrels a day of oil, 45pc of global output. Such a move would alter the strategic landscape.
The details of the talks were first leaked to the Russian press. A more detailed version has since appeared in the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir, which has Hezbollah links and is hostile to the Saudis.
As-Safir said Prince Bandar pledged to safeguard Russia’s naval base in Syria if the Assad regime is toppled, but he also hinted at Chechen terrorist attacks on Russia’s Winter Olympics in Sochi if there is no accord. “I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us,” he allegedly said.
Prince Bandar went on to say that Chechens operating in Syria were a pressure tool that could be switched on an off. “These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role in Syria’s political future.”
President Putin has long been pushing for a global gas cartel, issuing the `Moscow Declaration’ last to month “defend suppliers and resist unfair pressure”. This would entail beefing up the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), a talking shop.
Mr Skrebowski said it is unclear what the Saudis can really offer the Russians on gas, beyond using leverage over Qatar and others to cut output of liquefied natural gas (LGN). “The Qataris are not going to obey Saudi orders,” he said.
Saudi Arabia could help boost oil prices by restricting its own supply. This would be a shot in the arm for Russia, which is near recession and relies on an oil price near $100 to fund the budget.
But it would be a dangerous strategy for the Saudis if it pushed prices to levels that endangered the world’s fragile economic recovery. Crude oil stocks in the US have already fallen sharply this year. Goldman Sachs said the “surplus cushion” in global stocks built up since 2008 has been completely eliminated.
Mr Skrebowski said trouble is brewing in a string of key supply states. “Libya is reverting to war lordism. Nigerian is drifting into a bandit state with steady loss of output. And Iraq is going back to the sort of Sunni-Shia civil war we saw in 2006-2007,” he said.
The Putin-Bandar meeting was stormy, replete with warnings of a “dramatic turn” in Syria. Mr Putin was unmoved by the Saudi offer, though western pressure has escalated since then. “Our stance on Assad will never change. We believe that the Syrian regime is the best speaker on behalf of the Syrian people, and not those liver eaters,” he said, referring to footage showing a Jihadist rebel eating the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier.
Prince Bandar in turn warned that there can be “no escape from the military option” if Russia declines the olive branch. Events are unfolding exactly as he foretold.

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