Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Am Andy Lopez

 Oct 28 at 3:46 PM

Justice for Andy Lopez
Working Class: Protect our Youth
Fight for Working Class Power with Political Strikes
When they shoot us down, we shut them down!
Andy Lopez was only 13. The Police, nation-wide are out of control. They are
murdering our youth. Shoot the children first, blame the child and the toy gun
after the murder. The police don’t admit fault. That’s role the police and the
system they protect play. They gun down our youth, especially, when they are
Black and Brown. The police are nothing but killers – racist killers.
Labor Black & Brown advocates and seeks to organize working class people
and the unions to unite all our colors and fight back with the weapon of Political
Strikes, and Defense Guards that STOP these racist, murderous cops.
We are against reformist strategies keep us tied to the politicians and their
agenda that traps us into working with this racist system that does not and
cannot serve the working class people.
We say to seek solutions that depend on our independent strength and
power. No politicians, no capitalists, no cops.
Join this effort, a Grass Roots, United Front – from below, to fight for justice and
to show solidarity with Andy Lopez, and his grieving family.
There is a Bus being organized to take us up to Santa Rosa, Tuesday, Oct. 29.
Bus will depart from Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th and Broadway 9:00am
Labor Black & Brown
labor donated 10-28-13


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