Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Black Bird Press News & Review: Parable of Broken systems, broken minds

Black Bird Press News & Review: Parable of Broken systems, broken minds: These days nothing works, children are stuck on stupid, killing because they are bored. Mentally ill people don't want to live so they kill. No one can do anything right, no matter how much you pay them to do a job, the mind is just not there, so the system is wacko, but it's really the wacko minds! Maybe it's the water, the genetically altered food, perhaps the electromagnetic field, but something stinks like rotten meat. The political system is dead in the water, no one cares about the consent of the governed, it's all about the lobbyists. The religious institutions are in pitiful shape, focusing on prosperity while the people starve spiritually--the church cares nothing about the Prince of Peace. The educational system has gone private for the money. The public school drop out rate is 60% in the hood. The prison system is about money: the prisoners are a commodity on the stock exchange, while the prisons are full of the mentally ill and drug addicted. What is the solution? Jump out of the box, the box of ignorance, fear, insecurity, into the pool of love and healing. What did James Brown tell us, Money won't save you but time will take you out! Revolution is the solution, Revolutionary Black Nationalism.

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