Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amiri Baraka replies to Marvin X poem

I'm only 79, dude. You might be older.--AB

How could I forget AB is ten years older than I am? I must be getting old!--MX


Hapi b day AB @ 80
true trooper
original rapper
from the Black Ark, New Ark
godfather of North American African juju
majic words raise the dead deaf blind
cast spells on all devils known and unknown
seen and hidden
especially in the darkness of our lives
down here on the ground Babylon
keep working those majc spells old man
youth will listen when they can
Ras will rap to them now
Da Mayor in da house
wit Middy, Ahi, Obalaji got his back
relax AB, take Amina out for dinner
some place on the moon
far away from the pain of yesterday
there is joy for us all in the now
will you and Amina dance tonight
we love you madly!
--Marvin X

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