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Could Africans really have travelled to America before Columbus? Were an...

By Jeffrey Carey on September 24, 2004
Format: Hardcover
The first time I heard Dr. Ivan Van Sertima speak was at Lincoln University a small historically black college in Pennslyvania. Dr. Van Sertima gave a powerful lecture about the African Presence in America before Columbus, a topic I never heard of before and honestly doubted it's validity.I thought I would leave the lecture only convienced that Van Sertima was a crank and his thesis was a fraud, but in fact the opposite happened. His speech was so articulate and his lecture so well researched and amazingly documented I decided I had to read his book and research the topic on my own. if skeptics think this book is solely for Afrocentrist they are wrong this book is very scholarly it gives botanical,cartographical,linguistic,artistic, and historical evidience in order to make a strong case for the African presence in America. Van Sertima shows us african cotton found in America.He shows the written accounts of the conquistadors themselves, Columbus and Balboa record the presence of Africans already arriving in America, in fact Balboa eyewitnessed Africans in Central America fighting among the "Indian" population..He highlights the mysterious Piri Reis map that shows Antartica mapped before it was covered with ice,when was the only time this could happen? 4,000 B.C.,the point is ancient man had the nautical skill to travel the world at a very early date. He touches on the journeys of Thor Heyerdahl and his ship the Ra successfully crossing the Atlantic, proving that ancient man could travel the high seas. I personally researched on my own the parallels between the Egyptian god(Osiris)and American god(Queztatcoatl)both are virgin born both are ressurection gods, it is amazing.Another enigma would be the cocaine found in the stomach of RamesesII and in many other Egyptian mummies how is it that a New World crop is found in Africa if contact was not made...scholars answer this evidience with silence.One of course can not leave out the colossal Olmec heads with clearly African features with braided hair, and of course the parallel of pyramids found in both cultures Africa and the Americas.Some say that the Olmec heads could be Pacific Islanders or people from South East Asia, but that does not explain all the other pieces of evidience Van Sertima shows, like for instance the identical reed boats used on the Nile by Nubians and on the Amazon or the hieroglyphs and the sun worship.The parallels are almost to the point of exhausting.This book is hard to explain away, and I advise all serious researches and historians to read it....challenge yourself.

Black History is World History

....I used to travel to America

long before Columbus

came to me asking for directions

Americo Vespucci

on his voyage to America

saw me in the Atlantic

returning to Africa

America was my home

Before Aztec, Maya, Toltec, Inca & Olmec

I was hereI came to Peru 20,000 years ago

I founded Mexico City

See my pyramids, see my cabeza 

in Vera Cruz and Yucatan

that's me

I am the Mexican

for I am mixed with all men

and all men are mixed with me

I am the most just of men

I am the most peaceful

who loves peace day and night

Sometimes I let tyrants devour me

sometimes people falsely accuse me

sometimes people crucify me

but I am ever returning I am eternal, I am universal

Africa is my home

Asia is my home

Americas is my home


from Marvin X's Black History is World History

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